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If you are a dog lover and have a dog at your home than one thing is for sure that your dog will always be playing around. Dogs are usually playful in nature and this habit of them can often lend them into some trouble, specifically if they are playing outdoors. One needs to have special attention on dogs whenever they are playing outdoors so that they don’t land into any sort of trouble anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if you have large dogs or small dogs, keeping an eye on them is extremely important specifically when their favorite thing is to go beyond your property’s boundary.

Going beyond the property can land your dog into trouble as they can encounter any accidental injuries or get attacked by some street dogs. This is why it is recommended that one should wireless invisible dog fence that will keep them confined in a particular area. The dog fence acts as a barrier for them where you have this feeling of containment that the dogs are playing outside and at the same time, you know that there is an invisible barrier applied already that will keep them safe and will also not allow them to go outdoors. You will find some of the best wireless dog fence systems that are available but you need to see which one fits you the best. We will have the wireless dog fence review for you to help you make a better choice.

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Wireless Dog FenceCheck PriceArea Covered
PetSafe Wireless Fence
Check PriceUp to 0.5 acres
Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2
PIF-300 Wireless
Check PriceUp to 0.5 acres
Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence
Sit Boo-Boo
Check PriceUp to 2.0 acres
Extreme Dog Fence
Check PriceUp to 6.0 acres
Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free
Check Price

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

One of the top-rated wireless fences that you will find for dogs is the PetSafe fence with containment systems. The PetSafe fence will build around a wireless boundary for your dogs, whether you have large dogs or small dogs, it doesn’t matter. The wireless fence will keep your pet dog safe and secure as you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up your own fence or burying wires in order to contain the dogs. The wireless fence will itself handle all the hassles and will keep you tension free as your dog won’t be going anywhere with PetSafe around it.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

One important thing that you look out for in a wireless fence is the area that the fence will be covering. The PetSafe wireless fence will cover an area up to half acre with the circular boundary of the fence being up to 90 feet in all the directions from the transmitter. The fence comes with a waterproof receiver collar that is very important because dogs often tend to play in the water during the hot weather. So having a waterproof collar is a must nowadays. There is also a low-battery indicator in the collar that has 5 levels of static correction as well.

The wireless dog fence will have one important feature and that will be the easy installation process. PetSafe offers just that as the installation process of the fence takes only about 1-2 hours at maximum. You can set up your fence while you are out camping in the hills or even if you are at home on a Sunday relaxing in your garden. The total installation process will take no time at all. However, one thing that needs to be understood is that the containment area of the fence will be circular only and it cannot be made into a rectangle so that you can fit it in your rectangular yard.

The PetSafe also has an adjustable collar that fits the size of a dog of 8 lbs or more. The neck sizes in which the collar can be adjusted ranges from 6-28. Another added feature about this dog fence is that you can add an unlimited number of pets to the system but the only condition is that they should be wearing the PetSafe wireless fence receiver collar. If the dogs are not wearing the collar, then they won’t be added into the system. The collar has been designed in a way that the smooth contact points rest against the skin of your dog. You also get 5-level correction along with a tone-only mode that is for training purpose only.

  • Wireless boundary
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Adjustable receiver collar
  • Easy installation process
  • Doesn’t work on the sloped yard
  • Inconsistent

The PetSafe wireless fence is a product that one should be having for the dogs but if you have a sloped yard, then this product is not for you. If you have a circular yard then this might be the fence that you have been looking out for.

2. Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

There are times when you can go for any wireless dog fence containment system that you want but a major question arises what should one do if there are 2 dogs in the houses? Getting two different wireless fences can turn out to be an expensive option thus PetSafe introduced a new fence containment that can cater to 2 dogs at a time. The PIF 300 wireless fence can contain two dogs at the same time and this is one reason why this particular wireless fence is said to be one of the top rated wireless fences that you can find.

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

People often look out for wireless fence that is made exactly to cater to their needs. The need of the people is usually to get a wireless fence for either their large dogs or small dogs. This particular Petsafe wireless radio fence will allow you to contain your dogs that weight around 8 pounds or more. If you have a dog or a puppy that weighs less than 8 pounds, then this particular wireless fence is not for you. The wireless radio fence will work properly on when the weight of the pets is more than 8 pounds otherwise it won’t.

While getting a wireless dog fence, one of the most important questions that need to be answered is the area that needs to be covered. The area covered by a pet fence is usually about 1 acre or 2 acres. But the Petsafe PIF-300 wireless radio dog fence has a smaller area as compared to some of the other dog fences that are available. The PIF-300 covers about half acre of adjustable circular area. This area is approximately equal to around 90 foot in radius. Thus this is one reason why this particular wireless fence lags behind some of the other wireless fences that are currently available.

The receiver reviews about any dog fence are really important as the receiver is the one that will tell you whether the dog has moved towards the danger area or not. The PIF-300 generates a static correction to the concerned persons whenever the dogs stray into a warning zone. The warning zone is usually pre-determined by the users every time the dog fence is being set up. So it is really important that at the time of installation, proper warning zone is defined so that you can get correct signals and take control of your dog before anything happens.

  • Waterproof receiver and collar with a 6-volt battery
  • Contain two dogs with one wireless fence containment system
  • Extra PIF-275 collar for the two dog system
  • The second collar often stops working

The Petsafe PIF-300 wireless dog is a system that is just great for two dogs as it has a 90-foot radius that helps keep an eye on the dogs. The only problem that often can arise is of the second collar for the dog. If you can take care of that then this might be one of the best products that you can get your hands on.

3. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence – Safe & Unseen Pet Containment System

Having a pet containment system is fine but if you can have a pet containment system that you can install in-ground or above ground than that is an added advantage. The Sit Boo-Boo hidden dog fence containment system offers you the ease of either installing your dog fence in-ground or above ground, depending on your own choice. The pet containment system has seen some upgrades where you will now find an increased rechargeable battery alongside an enhanced performance of the transmitter. The company has also upgraded the boundary wire to solid copper wire to give you all ease and comfort as you sit back and track your dog.

Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence - Safe & Unseen Pet Containment System

Training your dog is something that every dog owner has to do and they love to do that. Even the dogs love to get training. You can train your dogs to behave in the best possible manner with the help of this Sit Boo-Boo dog fence. There are electric fences provided that will help you to contain your pets if they have a habit of trespassing. With the help of this dog fence, you can be very clear that your dog won’t be trespassing any time soon. The fence is set to tell them the off-limits so that they don’t go ahead from the particular point. You also get unlimited collars with the pet containment system. This is why it is one of the best wireless dog fences that you can get.

The electric fence technology helps you to set hidden boundaries for your dogs which will automatically send you signal once it is found that the dog has been crossing the boundaries. The transmitter uses the radio wave technology to offer 5 correction levels of training. The more training you provide to your dog, the more it will learn the art of not trespassing. Thus with the pet containment fence of Sit Boo-Boo, you also get the option to train your dogs. And the best thing about all this is the easy installation process which will not leave your head scratching.

The range of the fence is less than 2 acre but is also greater than 1 acre making it a good option for people who want a mid ranged fence. The copper wire is enough to cover about 1.2 acres with the in-ground system of the company allowing you to cover even more area if you want to cover. If everything is fine and goes well then the transmitters of the Sit Boo-Book fence can cover an area of 5 acres. The more cords are acquired the more range can be covered. And the best thing is that this fence comes with a lifetime replacement warranty that you often won’t find in many of these products.

  • Electric fence technology
  • The solid copper boundary wire
  • Customizable range
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Thin wire breaks easily
  • Not recommended for two dogs

The Sit Boo-Boo wireless fence is best for those who have one dog and want to cover a large area to contain their dogs. And the added lifetime replacement warranty acts as an icing on the cake.

4. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation -2019- Standard Grade (Basic) Kit Packages

If you are on the lookout for a dog fence that can provide you with a range of more than 5 acres then your options are quite limited. There are only a few fences available with this range and one such dog fence that you can get is the Extreme dog fence. The wireless dog fence reviews that we have done till now cannot match the range that is being provided by the Extreme second generation. The kit can cover up an area of 6 acres with the updated version being designed to make it compatible with new collar options and 12x more powerful battery.

Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation

If your dog likes to swim but is unable to swim because the collar of the fence is not water resistant, then Extreme has got an answer for this as well. The collar of the dog fence is water resistant where your dog can easily swim and that too in 10’ deep water. There would be no harmful effects on the color of the fence and it will continue to work perfectly fine just like it was working before. Usually, the in-ground fence of the dog containment is water resistant and waterproof, but with Extreme, you get to taste all the possibilities.

The standard kit that comes with the Extreme dog fence includes different things that include a digital transmitter, training flags, splice kits, high tensile boundary wire with a protective jacket, collar receivers, and batteries. All these things help you to provide the that you can get and that too at a reasonable price. There are different variants available of this product where you have a 1 dog system followed till 5 dog system. Similarly, there is standard grade fence available that start from 500’ and go all the way up till 2,500’ grade fence.

There are 50 training flags that come in the kit alongside 2 professional splice kits. The main aim is to provide proper training to the dog so that they can get along well and don’t enter any warning or danger zone when they have the collars on. There is also a temperature check available that keeps the fence temperature same as the temperature outside. The wire check also performs automatic checks in order to find out any problems in the wire and if they find any then the wires are adjusted automatically so that the fence boundary can remain at a constant location.

  • Standard grade kit cover
  • The range of up to 6 acres
  • Waterproof and submersible
  • Water resistant collar for dogs to swim in water
  • No warning beeps until the collar is over the wire

The Extreme electric dog fence is probably the best wireless dog fence that you can find. And if your dog is the one that swims a lot and this is exactly what you should be buying for your dog because this is the right choice.

5. Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

There has been a lot of advancement in the technology that is related to dog fence as we are now able to see fences that also act as a trainer for your dogs. There is now Wi-Fi dog fence also available in the market that further shows how the evolution of dog fence has taken place over the time. The perimeter is one such company that has come up with a Wi-Fi dog fence with the collar of the fence being one of the most advanced collars that you will see right now in the market. The fence comes with a built-in transmitter that acts as a Base Smart Station along with powerful battery charger.

Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

The lightweight collar of the fence is made up of polycarbonate material of plastic that gives it enough strength and endurance to cater to the wildness of the dog. The material also provides stability to the dog and the best part is that they will continue to work even if your dog chews it out. Most of the dogs have this problem that they tend to eat whatever comes near to their mouth but with Perimeter Dog fence the case is almost opposite as they will work even if they have been eater or bitten. Thus your money won’t be wasted if it’s eaten as it will continue to work for a long time.

The rechargeable batteries provide an additional benefit to the Perimeter technologies as they offer thrice more power than the nickel hydride batteries provide. Hence the working time of the fence automatically increases as you get more and more power. The lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight and are powerful in performance just like one would want them. These replaceable batteries provide your dog with automatic renewal while providing a consistent battery life that you have been looking for. And as it is a Wi-Fi dog fence, the importance of having a high and consistent battery life increases by 10 folds with lithium-ion batteries taking full control of the fence.

The wire-free fence automatically tracks the movement of your dog at all times and ensures that your dog does not go out in the stray. It is really important to sent signals to you if your dog has moved into the warning or danger zone, and the Perimeter dog fence will do that to you all the time. The portable fence sends strong signals which show that there is solid connectivity available with a proper range that can keep a complete track on your dog and what it has been doing right now.

  • Advanced collar
  • Wi-Fi collar transceiver
  • Battery charger with a built-in transmitter
  • High price

The Wi-Fi dog fence is probably the most advanced technology that you will find right now. It is portable and has powerful batteries but the problem is the price. If you can actually afford this product than this is the fence you should be having for your dog.You can Stop A Dog From Climbing A Fence

Who Should Buy a Wireless Dog Fence ?

Those who have bought the best wireless dog fences to keep their dogs safe and secure fall in love with the fencing after the initial use. Although the wireless dog fences would not keep away the animals in the neighbourhood from your pet still it is an excellent option for securing dogs of all sizes and ages. If you are a conscious pet parent then you would definitely keep your dog safe with the wireless dog fence and your close personal check. The people residing in the communities where there are certain rules for installing the fences, the wireless fence is a gift. In the presence of the installation restrictions these fences give you the ease of installation. There is not much to think about what you can or cannot install. In an area with restrictions it is worth buying the wireless dog fences for they are not considered in the imposition of the restrictions. It is, therefore, a treat for the vicinities where community aesthetics is of high priority.

It is also an excellent option for those who want to keep the cost low and ensure the safety of their pet too. It is a cost-efficient way of securing large areas.

Important Features to Consider

It is not easy to buy the right wireless dog fence provided that you know that no two fences are the same. The wireless fence must come with some key features that are the part or parcel of the perfect wireless dog fences. Usually, the pet owners prefer the fences that are not challenging in installation, easy to handle, and have adequately wide coverage. The sum of all such features makes them worth considering while you are out for buying. Here we have enlisted the most preferred features that need to be considered while buying the right wireless dog fences:


The key feature to be considered while buying the wireless dog fence is the range or the coverage of the fence. The range determines how much area it can actually cover for the dog. In case of large dogs get the fences that can cover a comparatively larger area as they don’t want to stay in the limited areas. The smaller dogs don’t need fences with wider range. The buyers can also find the fences that have adjustable range so that the pet parent can customize the coverage as per individual needs.


With multiple dogs as your pet, it is not possible to get separate transmitter for each. To help the multiple dogs it is recommended to choose the transmitter that can handle multiple dogs. The pet parents while out in the market will come across the transmitters that can handle single or multiple collars both. With the transmitter that supports the additional collars there is no need to get additional kits to keep your dogs safe and at ease. For some transmitters you might need to buy additional collars separately while there are transmitters that come with the multiple collars. The buyer can choose any of the options as his preference.

Correction level

The wireless fences that are installed with the feature of adjusting the correction level are considered reliable and trustworthy as compared to those lacking the feature. The hyperactive and naughty animals constantly require alteration in the correction levels. This guarantees that the animal is safely contained within the required limits.


Don’t ignore the battery type while deciding to buy the wireless fence. There are fences that require only the batteries from their manufacturers while there are options that can run on any available battery in the market. The ones coming with the priority batteries are safe and more reliable than the latter.


Check for your budget. Look into the pocket, count the money that you have and then decide what actually suits you. It is not difficult to get fences ranging from $100 to $1000. The price varies with the features and the range of the wireless fences.


What is a wireless dog fence and how does it work?

A wireless dog fence is a unique kind of fencing that operated with the radio transmissions. The radio transmissions emitted by the installed transmitter set the limits for the movement of the dog. A collar is the essential part of the system which the dog wears around the neck. The collar gives a slight electric shock when the dog tries to move out of the limits. It is also referred as the invisible fence.

The conventional wired fences are visible as they stand up from the ground and physically stop the dogs from trespassing or moving out of the limits. They do not stop the pet through other means like an electric shock or so. The concept of the electric fences was first introduced for the cattle but today they are used domestically to contain the pets especially the dogs. The wireless dog fences are recognized by the collars that the dogs wear. It is the only visible component of the fencing system. The collar gets connected to the transmitter through the radio waves and it is because of this reason that the system is called wireless fencing.

The transmitter sets the limits. As the dog crosses the barrier the collar immediately responds. The light shocks refrain the dogs from crossing the set barriers. This compels the dog from staying within the safe zones.  The collars limit the dogs through various modes like safe static shock, vibration, or beep. In some cases, the system is a combo of all three options. The pet parent can choose any of these alternatives according to the personal choice or the needs of the animal.

What's the difference between a wireless dog fence and a hybrid or semi-wireless dog fence ?

The core difference between the two is the presence of wire. In the wireless dog fence as the name indicates there is no wire while it is there in the hybrid or the semi-wireless dog fence. The wireless fencing comes with a transmitter that is used to define the boundaries. It is not easy to mark the boundaries with these kinds of fences. In the case of the hybrid fences, there is a buried wire that can be given any shape.

Are wireless dog fences safe ?

The safety of the dog fence relies on the secure installation. The wireless dog fence is absolutely safe provided it is installed safely. The wireless fences are meant for the security and safe movement of the dogs. With the fencing, it becomes possible to limit the dog within certain boundaries and so it would neither run away nor it would get lost in the nearby streets of your vicinity. The wireless fencing limits the movement of your pet and decides where he can actually go. At the same time all it requires is the training to learn how follow the stimulus. Once the dog is trained you can feel free to let him roam about as he likes. Some stubborn and highly active dogs find it difficult to follow the signals generated. Such dogs that don’t like to be limited to space might get injured when restricted in the usually wired fences. The wireless dog fences are very safe for all they do is that they give a slight shock to let the dog know that he is going the wrong way. This static shock is safe and risks free.  The wireless system is highly secure both in terms of installation and operation.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for dogs to use electric fences ?

No, there is no such restriction for using the electric fences.  All it requires is that the pet should be aware of the domestic settings. Once he is aware of the home environment the training can actually begin. Just like the age the size of the dog is also meaningless. Although it is safe for the dogs of all ages still it is recommended for the dogs not less than eight weeks of age.

Will the static correction be painful for the dog ?

The answer is simply no. the static correction is not something painful. The training can make the static correction safe and renders no pain to the dog. The static correction collars were first introduced in the 1970s. Since that date it is becoming popular among the pet parents who love to give the best to their pets. The purpose of the static correction is to just warn the dogs without causing any harm to the dog. The dog won’t feel more than a shuffling feeling that you come across while walking on the carpet or suddenly touching the doorknob with a jerk.

What about In-Ground Electric Dog Fences ?

In-ground electric fences or the invisible fences don’t have the wires physically standing above the ground. The barrier is created around the dog by installing the wire below the ground. The boundaries are decided and according to the decided pattern, the wire is laid down along the desired perimeter. The wire is deep enough to stay secure without hindering the routine movement of the rest. The installation in itself is a little technical but once installed the advantages are far-reaching.  They operate with the help of a transmitter that sets an individual boundary. A collar around the dog’s neck allows the dog to learn that he is leaving the set boundary for his movement. The dog feels a slight shock or a vibration or hears a beep every time he tries to cross the decided limits. There are certain drawbacks associated with the in-ground electric dog fences but at the same time it is not possible to ignore the benefits it has for the pets and the pet parents.

Other Wireless Dog Fences Reviews

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Jumping, curling and cuddling are all the natural traits of a dog. They are not lazy and cannot stay confined to a certain area. It is very hard to let him stay within a certain defined area. The task gets really tough if a wired boundary is set for the dog. It is at times painful, hurting and bothering. The maintenance and the installation both can be tedious. The wired fencing often needs digging up again and again. The best alternative to these wired fences is the PetSafe wireless fence. The Stay and Play wireless fence can be a great option to keep the dogs safe and happy.PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Among the most popular wireless fences that are readily available on the pet shops, PetSafe PIF00-12917 is a great option. It comes with some outclass features that make it the best option. The flexible boundary settings, customized collar option, and the easy to adjust correction levels make it worth buying. The dogs won’t feel bothered as they often do in case of the wired fencing. The pet parent also levels to have it due to the hassle-free installation and easy maintenance. It can be a great choice if you are going out for a family picnic along with your pet.


  • Easy to adjust 5 shock levels according to the dog’s breed and behaviour ranging from a low-level beep to a comparatively high tone at the ultimate level.
  • easy to handle as there is no cluttering or mess like the usually wired fences
  • collar size can be adjusted according to the age, weight and size of the dog
  • wider coverage
  • long enough battery life for uninterrupted performance
  • compact enough to be carried along


  • not very effective next to the electrical devices
  • boundary limitations can be dropped out
  • transmitter won’t work well with the metal equipment

SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System, SDF-100A (Upgrade to 14 Gauge Wire)

For those who want a reliable electric dog fence with a comparatively larger coverage area, SpotDOG SDF-100A is the right choice. This pet fence is a class in itself because it covers an unusually large area of 100 acres. It is so far the widest area covered by any underground fence. Over the past few years it has become the most reliable dog fence. Supported by the durable collar it performs the best. The transmitter can support a number of collars at the same time. It is this reliable working that has won the confidence of several pet parents all over the globe.SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System Created under the banner of the Radio Systems in 2003 this has not just earned fame but also the trust of the dog owners. SDF-100A is a top-notch creation by the manufacturers that is waterproof and durable.

It is the same manufacturers who are known for the products coming under the brand name PetSafe. Usually, the pet owners are concerned about the frequent change of the batteries as they get drained after functioning for some time. The safety time out mode lessens the problem as the collar stops working after 30 seconds of the security alarms and the static correction. The collars are also reliable and don’t wear and tear very easily. The waterproof feature keeps it safe even if the dogs go into the rain or enjoys the pool time. Although there are minor deficiencies found in the system despite this the features are so satisfying that it becomes difficult to ignore it for the pet safety and activity.


  • Easy to customize in every kind of yard
  • Maximum coverage facility
  • Easy to look after multiple dogs
  • Vibration feature for added assistance
  • Battery saving function


  • A wire can come off while unpacking
  • Some users found their dogs feeling uneasy

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

Managing the large property for the dog is not a piece of cake. The problem gets even more complex if you have a whole lot of dogs running around on the premises. It, therefore, becomes essential to determine the limits for the dogs. The wireless fences are an efficient way of containing the dogs to a well-defined boundary. They are safe, easy and convenient to handle. The dogs will stay in their defined boundaries without getting hurt as it happens in the traditional wired fences. Now there is no need to buy the accessories separately from the fence system as the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence system comes with the complete containment system.SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

As per the users who have already experienced the SportDOG brand fence system it is highly satisfying as it gives almost all that a pet owner requires from the wireless fence system. In a simple and cost-effective way it is rendering the best possible help for the dogs of all sizes and ages. The buyer feels at ease because instead of buying additional accessories they are getting the 1,000 feet long wire, 100 flags, a transmitter and one collar along with the system. It is enough to cover a total of 100 acres. There is little to worry about controlling, handling and taking care of multiple dogs. The transmitter can access several collars at the same time.


  • No need to worry about the area as it can cover up to 100 acres very easily
  • User-friendly installation system
  • Waterproof collar
  • Built-in system to check the wire breakage
  • No risk of a power surge and lightning strike
  • Can contain multiple dogs at the same time
  • An indicator to show the battery life


  • Easy but time-consuming installation
  • Requires tedious digging
  • Battery life is less than what is claimed
  • Inconsistent efficiency

Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced - Latest All-Weather Pet Containment System - In-Ground & Above Ground Installation - IPV7 Waterproof Collar for Pets Over 10lbs

The Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Hidden Fence is a protection system for the dog that includes a transmitter, boundary wires and the collar. The system runs with the help of the radio signals that are sent by the transmitter to the wires that are buried under the soil in the containment area. The pet’s neck is added with a collar that actually works like the shock receiver. As the dog with the collar around the neck tries to move away from the decided area the collar receives the radio signals coming from the buried wires. Usually, the warning area exists 6 to 8 feet away from the wire.Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced As a result of the radio signals the dog experiences a warning beep. In case the dog refuses to respond to the beep he would receive a static shock that is harmless but safe enough to keep the dog away. There are three different shock levels fitted within the system ranging from low to high levels. The system chooses the right level depending on how the dog behaves when it is close to the warning area.

With all the best features and amazing performance on a thing that fascinates the users is the price. It is not that expensive. The manufacturers have guaranteed best performance at a reasonable price. Some users find the enclosed wire not very satisfying but getting the thick wire can help get rid of the problem very conveniently. The system ensures that the dogs stay safely within the requirement containment area. It allows maximum room for the dog to roam freely, stay active and enjoy the playtime.


  • The auto adjustable correction level
  • Safe for dogs of all sorts
  • Comes with upgraded transmitter and boundary wires
  • Easy to pair with the remote trainer


  • Reliability is not very appealing
  • Requires thick wires for better functioning