How To Insert An Underground Dog Fence

Underground dog fences or invisible dog fence are an effective way to make your yard open while keeping your dog away from escaping the yard.

Set-up Of Underground Fence

These fences use an underground wire set up to provide an electric shock to the dog’s collar, whenever he tries to cross the boundary of the fence. They can be installed in a few hours, but obviously, your dog may take some time to understand his limits. Underground fences take some enthusiasm to install, but once an underground dog fence has been installed and your dog stays within the boundaries of the fence, you don’t have to use traditional fences to restrain your dog or to worry about him from escaping.

Scheme Out The Area You Want To Contain Your Dog

Plan the exact margins of the area you want to contain your dog in. This will permit you to buy the exact amount of wire. Settle training flags around the yard to mark where you will lay the wire underground. These fences are easy to plot because they allow you to plan around oddly shaped yard features, while above ground fences usually place in the straight line throughout. Underground fences restrain your dog from escaping and prevent them from entering the areas you don’t want them to enter.Must read Wireless Dog Fence Reviews before taking any decision about buying the dog fence

Measurement Of The Area

Take the exact measurement of length and width of the area where you want your dog to be contained. Using a large tape measure, take notes of the size of the area where you are planning to place your dog fence. You don’t have to take the measurements of the house, as the dog will not be able to escape from your house’s walls. Just make sure that the wire is long enough to surround the area. When you go to buy the wire, just look up that you don’t buy wire more than you need or the desired area.

Underground Dog Fence

Buying Transmitter Box

Buy the transmitter, shock collar, and wire from a pet store or a hardware store. Mostly, underground dog fences come with the wire and transmitter, and are beneficial anywhere from 25 to 500 acres or more, depending on its strength. Make sure, to buy a set that comes with enough wire to surround the area.

Lay The Wire Above Ground And Connect The Transmitter To Test

Lay the wire as straight as it could be, and make sure you have enough wire to make it back to the starting point. Be sure to round off any 90 degrees angles, as some transmitters won’t recognize the sharp turns. Whereas, you don’t need to lay the wire underground to test the fence system. Simply plug in both sides of the transmitter and turn it on to test. After attaching the receiver to the collar, walk-in in some different locations, you should hear a ‘BEEP’ when the collar is close to the boundary.

Dig And Place The Wire Underground

Using a gardening trowel dig a 3 to 12 inch (7.6 to 30.5 cm) deep trench along the training flags. Don’t remove the flags as they can help your dog to find where the boundaries are. Go around the garden and make sure to cover with the dirt earlier. Don’t leave any wire above the ground as it can be harmful to anyone or you may risk tripping over it. Test the system again in multiple places to make sure that the system works perfectly.

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