How To Install Your Electric Dog Fence

Electric dog fence can be installed in many ways;

Step 1: Plan The Electric Fence

  • Plan the area you wish to contain your dog in; this will let you buy the correct amount of wire. Plant training flags around your yard to mark where you will lay the wire underground. Underground fences are mostly used to keep the dog from running away, but they can also prevent your dog from entering areas where you don’t want them to enter.Must read Wireless Dog Fence Reviews before buying the best one for you
  • Length and width of area; measure the accurate length and width of the area you want to install your dog fence in to. Using a large tape and a measurement scale, take notes and size of the specific area where you will install the fence, don’t need to take measurements of your house. Just know how long the wire should fully surround your area.
  • Buy the transmitter full box; most underground dog fences come with a wire and a transmitter and are effective anywhere in 25-30 acres or more depending upon its strength, buy the transmitter, shock collar, and wire at a pet store or any hardware store.Training Your Dog To An Electric Wireless Fence is not very difficult you just have to follow some steps and then you are good to go.
  • Place transmitter in a good place; find a good place the install transmitter inside. The transmitter should not be placed near the breaker or any other electrical appliances where possible electric interference. Keeping it in the garage is the safest option but make sure anything else would not interrupt the system.

Electric Dog Fence

Step 2: Installation Method

  • Laying the wire; lay the wire above ground along the training flags you placed before. Lay the lines as straight as they could be, and make sure that you have enough wire to move back to the starting point. Be sure to round off at every 90-degree angles because some transmitters could not recognize it correctly. Avoid twisting the wire as best as you can, so that it does not cause any issue with the transmitter for the signals.You can easily Measure Pet Playgrounds Dog Fence
  • Connecting the wire to the transmitter; connect the wire to the transmitter and test the system and the collar carefully. You do not have to lay the wire underground to test, simply plug both ends of the wire to the transmitter and turns on it.
  • Dig a deep trench along the training flags; Dig a 3 to 12-inch deep trench using a shovel or any other gardening trowel. Dig just under the surface of the ground to create a thin trench layer of the wire, and do not remove the training flags. Do not dig too deep, which leads to the transmitter having a hard time to get the signals from the wire and dog crosses over the boundary.
  • Placing of wire; place the wire underground dig trench, cover the wire with mud completely and test it again. Do not leave any wire on the ground as it can get dangerous for anyone or may risk tripping over it accidentally. If you decide to bury the wire, try to keep it out of sight and place as close to the earth as possible.

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