Train Your Dog To An Electric Wireless Fence

An electric fence can keep dogs safe and accommodate in the yard. It involves a collar on a dog’s neck that beeps and gives gentle shocks to your dog to help him learn about boundaries. Train your dog to stop and move back whenever it hears a beep.  There are several varieties of dog fences to use for your dog;

7 Types Of Dog Fences

  • Chain Link Fences; consists of several posts attached by heavy chains made of metal wire. They are heavy, long-lasting and durable fences.
  • Picket Fence; made of wood, they don’t block the view totally, provide a solid boundary for the dog.
  • Wooden fences; most expensive options for the dogs, they are for those dogs try to jump, with height 6 feet and can easily keep larger dogs.
  • Snow Fences; a cheaper option but not long-lasting.
  • Split-Rail Fences; an attractive wooden fencing option, usually consists of two rows of wooden.
  • Invisible Fences; an electrical wire dug underground and receive a collar on the dog’s neck an invisible fence. If the dog gets close to this boundary the receiver on his collar will get a signal causing it to beep.
  • Wireless Fences ; quite similar to invisible fence it does not require any installation of wire underground. The transmitter emits a signal in the specified area when the dog gets closer to the boundary, the collar begins to beep and caused a slight shock.

Step 1: Beginning Of Training

  • Reading the instruction carefully; carefully reading the instructions manual for the electric fence. Always follow all the instructions to train your dog in the best way possible, and to avoid unnecessary shocks because they are harmful for the dog and which may lead to make him ill.There are some best Ways To Quit Dog Fence In 5 Days are available
  • Place the training flags at the correct distance and nonmetallic collar; your electric fence kit will come with the training flags, which lead to teach the dog where he needs to stop and turn around to move within the specified boundary. Place these training flags at the correct point and distance away from the fence, which will be explained in detail in the instruction manual. The training flags help to notice where the warning signal will happen. Place the nonmetallic collar to your dog’s neck and make sure that it properly fits your dog’s neck to indicate the signal and beep whenever he will come closer to the boundary.There are some methods are available to Install Electric Dog Fence

Electric Wireless Fence

Step 2: Teaching Waring Signals

Teaching your dog warning signals mean to train your dog to indicate warning signals, teaching warning signals are the most important part of the training. Hold the leash, walk with your dog, and listen to the warning beeps.

  • Fence beeps; when the fence starts to beep, teach your dog to walk back from the training flags. Repeat this process several times until your dog gets used to and turns around on its own after the signal.

Step 3: Teach Him About Distractions

Get a friend or family member, and make sure that the person does not turn around, call out your dog or look at him. This is the first place where your dog will learn to resist distractions and temptations regards to the warning signals.

  • Turn around or follow the person; let your dog decide whether to turn around or to follow the person. If your dog follows the person and gets outside the boundary of training flags than he will receive a slight shock. However, if he stops and turns around at the training flags than praising your dog.

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